The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops Meeting Proceedings

November 23, 2017

Summary of Proceedings

The meeting of November 23, 2017 in Winnipeg provided members and invited guests with the opportunity to review the progress of the Canadian Grains Sustainability Metrics Platform; to discuss potential priority areas for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC); to examine a proposal for changes to the governance of the CRSC; and to receive information on the activities of the various members.

Regarding the Metrics Platform, significant progress had been achieved since the May 2017 meeting. Participants were provided with a more in-depth look at the content and structure and were invited to provide feedback.

Potential priorities for the CRSC for 2018 and 2019 were presented for discussion within the following three categories:

  1. Communication and engagement
  2. Research priority setting and activities, and
  3. Metrics Platform maintenance and enhancements

Participants were provided with an opportunity to confirm the priorities and to develop specific goals within each of these categories. The responses will be provided to the CRSC Steering Committee and the relevant CRSC committees.

Members discussed the composition and expectations of the CRSC Steering Committee. A number of positions were added to ensure that the Steering Committee is reflective of the membership. As a result of that discussion, and due to the high number of vacancies on the Committee, it was determined that the most appropriate mechanism to reconstitute the Steering Committee was to poll all members as to their interest, and strike a nomination committee to re-establish the Steering Committee in early 2018.

View CRSC presentations:

pdfCRSC Proceedings Agenda
pdfCRSC Governance
pdfCRSC Priorities
pdfCanadian Grains Sustainability Metrics Platform

A number of organizations provided meeting participants with updates on their sustainability activities, with questions and discussion following the presentations.

  1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) invests significant resources into the development and calculation of environmental indicators. A presentation was provided by AAFC on options for the next stage of their environmental indicators work.

    pdfView Presentation

  2. The Canadian Field Print Initiative (CFPI) is entering a new phase, from building to establishment as a valuable sustainability tool. An update on next steps for the CFPI was provided.

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  3. Following from a successful Summit on November 2, 2017, participants were provided with the next steps for the National Environmental Farm Plan (NEFP) Initiative.

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  4. Participants were provided information on the agriculture-focused initiatives of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

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  5. The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) presented a summary of their priorities and activities.

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  6. The Alberta Farm Sustainability Extension (AFCS) working group (Alberta Wheat, Barley, Pulse Growers and Canola Producers Commissions) provided a progress report on their producer self-assessment tool and online resource library.

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Photos supplied courtesy of the Canola Council of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Syngenta Canada.