• Advancing environmentally sustainable grain production practices and outcomes
  • Pursuing science-based sustainability solutions founded on the principle of ongoing improvement
  • Understanding and meeting domestic and global expectations for sustainable ingredients
  • Working collaboratively across the grains value chain to advance Canadian grains’ sustainability
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Who's Involved

Why We’re Here

Now more than ever, consumers are interested in where their food comes from and whether it was produced in a sustainable manner. In response, domestic and global markets are increasingly considering environmental, social and economic factors when sourcing product. The demand to meet pre-determined sustainability requirements continues to grow, and varies among end users of Canadian grain commodities.

As well, there is growing recognition that public trust must be built and maintained if producers wish to retain their ‘license to farm’. Sustainable production practices have an important role to play in ensuring our producers’ success.

To support Canada’s grains sector in adapting to and thriving in an evolving operating environment, the CRSC will work to:

  • Ensure the agriculture industry develops a unified, proactive approach to grains sustainability in Canada

  • Explore and create a national, cross commodity sustainability solution that is accepted by producers and has credibility with key stakeholders

  • Research and develop farm-level sustainability indicators that are relevant to Canadian production practices (environmental, social, and economic)

  • Inform and engage Canadian grain producers on the topic of grains sustainability

  • Represent Canada and improve its reputation in crops sustainability by communicating the sector's "good news" story

Who We Are

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC) was formed in 2013 to facilitate cross-commodity collaboration on sustainable agriculture issues and opportunities facing grains sector participants. Comprised of grower, industry, customer and consumer organizations, the CRSC is a national, industry-led forum engaging value chain stakeholders in assessing and responding to marketplace demands, and showcasing Canada’s performance, in the area of agriculture sustainability.

There are many other sustainability initiatives active in Canada. The CRSC’s efforts are not intended to duplicate these projects; but rather to incorporate or interface as much as possible with those that are compatible with the CRSC’s objectives and deliverables.

Photos supplied courtesy of the Canola Council of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Syngenta Canada.