The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops Meeting Proceedings

April 22, 2021 and April 23, 2021

The virtual meeting of April 22nd, 2021 featured a presentation of the preliminary feedback from the consulations on the draft Responsible Grain voluntrary Code of Practice.  Following from these consultations, the CRSC Steering Committee has developed an approach for moving forward.  Links to the preliminary feedback presentation and the Next Steps material is provided below.


The virtual meeting of April 23, 2021 featured presentations of Canadian and international sustainability initiatives that  are relevant to CRSC work.


  1. Environment and Climate Change Canada - Species at Risk Conservation Action Plan

    The Agriculture Sector Initiative is one of the priorities under the Pan-Canadian approach to Transforming Species at Risk Conservation in Canada. Within that initiative, the Agriculture Sector Core Planning Team, a multi-partner committee, is a forum for developing a Conservation Action Plan for Species at Risk with the Agriculture Sector.  A presentation on the progress of this Team was provided.

    Please use the following link to access the presentation:

  2. The Canadian Agri-Food Sustainability Initiative (CASI)

    CASI is a project led by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) to build a platform to share information on individual farm certification/assurance systems.  A summary of this initiative to assist producers to proactively meet existing and emerging requests for evidence of sustainability practices in food and ingredient production was presented.

    Please use the following link to access the presentation:

  3. Canada’s Agri-Food Sustainability Index

    The Canadian Sustainability Index was conceived as a result of the Canada 2020   dialogue on the Canada brand for agriculture and food products.  A presentation of the work plan for this index, which is intended to be comprised of selected indicators spanning the environment, health and food safety, well-being and economic viability, was provided.

    Please use the following link to access the presentation:

  4. EU Farm to Fork Strategy and Canadian Engagement

    The European Union has announced their Farm to Fork strategy, with significant  goals to change their agriculture production practices.  The Government of Canada has developed an EU Advocacy Strategy,  and this strategy and their approach in their interactions with the EU was presented.    AAFC_approach_to_EUs_Farm_to_Fork_Strategy.pdf

     The following video provides valuable information on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.: Link:

    Password: aafc2021

    The following is a list of EU initiatives as they move the Farm to Fork Strategy forward.  F2F_list_of_initiatives.pdf


  5. UN Food Systems Summit

    The UN Secretary General has called for a Food Systems Summit (FSS) in 2021 and global engagement process on agriculture to deliver progress on the UN  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. An update on the SDGs and the FSS initiative was provided.  Please use the following link to access the presentation:

Photos supplied courtesy of the Canola Council of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Syngenta Canada.