The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops Meeting Proceedings

November 15, 2018

Summary of Proceedings

The latest meeting of members of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops was held in Winnipeg, on November 15, 2018.  The following is a summary of proceedings and next steps.

A.  Opening remarks, summary of CRSC activities and review of the agenda

A summary of CRSC activities and progress since the last CRSC meeting was provided.

Follow-up: Much of the discussion will be input into the CRSC Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for January, 2019.

B.  CRSC and Metrics Platform Communications and Outreach

At the CRSC meeting in May 2018, options for communications and outreach of the CRSC and the Metrics Platform were discussed.  Following from that meeting, an association and a company were recruited to assist the CRSC in exploring what types of tools and analysis might be suited for working with potential users of the Metrics Platform.

 Members reviewed the results of these two “test cases” and discussed what implications this would have for CRSC communications and outreach.  The members recommended a through discussion on the value proposition for the CRSC and the Metrics Platform before committing to a communications and outreach strategy.

Follow-up: This issue will be thoroughly discussed at the CRSC Steering Committee meeting in January.

C.  Lifecycle Analysis - beyond Carbon Footprint

A number of Canadian agriculture and food organizations are using Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) that include Greenhouse Gas emissions, but also other environmental and social benchmarking.  The members received a presentation from Groupe Ageco on LCA in use in Canada.

Click here to view the presentation by Groupe Agéco.

D. Public Trust Activities

Activities undertaken by the CRSC and its members are significant contributors to gaining public trust. This session focused on the discussion of broader public trust activities within the grains industry, specifically the Strategic & Action Plan Research Project on Public Trust in the Canadian Grains Sector, being developed as part of the work of the Grains Roundtable Public Trust Working Group.

Click here to view the presentation by Synthesis Agri-Food Systems

E.  CRSC Research Strategy

The CRSC Research Committee has been working to identify research gaps, establish priorities and provide preliminary advice on potential CRSC investment.  The Research Committee provided their list of identified gaps, and requested the CRSC members in attendance to confirm the gaps, add others than may be missing and rate the priorities of filling each of the gaps.

Click here to view the presentation on research gaps and priorities.

Follow-up: This input will be  used to further develop a draft research strategy for CRSC Steering Committee consideration.

F. Customer viewpoint - the animal production industry

Presentations on the sustainability interests and pursuits of the Canada Pork Council and the Roundtable for Sustainable Beef were presented.

Les éleveurs de Porc du Québec for the Canada Pork Council

Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

G. Industry updates

Updates were provided on the next steps for the Canadian FieldPrint Initiative (click here for this presentation), the Alberta’s Farm Sustainability Extension Working Group (click here for this presentation) and the National environmental Plan Initiative (click here for this presentation).

H. Closing remarks and next steps

Follow-up: Members will be provided in February 2019 with the outcomes of the January 2019 CRSC Steering Committee meeting.  The next CRSC meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 2019 in Toronto.


Photos supplied courtesy of the Canola Council of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Syngenta Canada.